October Quarterly Meeting

Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Location: ZOOM
Speaker: Doug Olsen, AAA Washington

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Please join us at the EPC SKC Quarterly Meeting 

October 27, 2021

Topic: “Credit ratings suspended as part of insurance rate calculations and how you may be impacted”


Douglas Olsen – AAI / CCA   

Insurance Agent  | President’s Club

AAA Washington Corporate Office


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With CayCare you can rest easy knowing that we will help you with all your needs whatever that may look like.
Our FREE Senior Services:
Placement Navigation:
Looking for senior living options? When you, or your loved one, are ready to choose retirement living you may feellost in the sea of choices. We can offer the caring support you need to navigate those decisions, free of charge.
In-Home Care Coordination:
Our Elder Care Advisors will listen to your needs and wants and will cater our search for the best care options thatyou need. We will utilize a family care plan to help assist your family in getting the care you need and filling in the gaps with family if you aren’t getting 24 hour care.
Chart Your Own Course:
We work with your family to create your own plan of care based on your family’s ability to help with necessary tasks, supplemented with the coordination of outside assistance as needed. Many clients simply don’t want to make a much needed change. This program allows the client to remain in control of the decision. The family and professional involvement is what makes this program such a success. This service is while a client is in a hospital or skilled rehabilitation.
Ensure that your health & finances are protected. Transitioning from the home or bringing in care does not have tobe an overwhelming process. Let us help!
Lisa Doyle RN, BSN, CMC

Founder of CayCare, Elder Care & Senior Living Advisors  

Lisa is also a firm believer in Self-Care 

Lisa is a mother of 3 children. A wife, sister and the youngest daughter of a feisty and resilient mother and her mother before her.  

Lisa’s journey as a nurse and entrepreneur led her down a path of discovery to compassion fatigue and self-care.  

However, the road to this discovery was a journey. That journey is paved with compassion fatigue. Join Lisa Doyle as she gives you the tools you need to discover and combat compassion fatigue and find out exactly why you care.  

Compassion Fatigue – When Caring is Too Much 

  1. What is compassion fatigue? 

  2. Do you have compassion fatigue? 

  3. What you can do to combat compassion fatigue right now, day-to-day 

Knowing about compassion fatigue can literally be the difference on your path from good to great. If you have become disillusioned with your world and feel unappreciated this information is for you.  

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